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Paragominas Municipio, State of Para, Brasil - Clément Bourgoin, CIRAD

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What is Forland?

Forland is an innovative solution for land use management. The very first Forland concept was born 2 years ago at ONFInternational offices. Working for a long time with REDD+ programme or in supporting institutions in their strategy to fight deforestation, the need to move from a single used paper report to a automated, long-term reporting tool became more and more evident. Then ONFI experts started to think about an online platform, clustering all their latest innovations in remote sensing analysis and processing to automatically update landscape analysis in a didactic way. This tool, named Forland, has been designed for decision makers to have a better understanding of their decision impacts in the future and make them independant in monitoring land use changes in their landscape.

Forland technologies comes from the open-source mindset, building upon the effort of a strong community and sharing successes with pears.

Forland team, enlarged by partnerships with CIRAD and ETH Zurich in its Restoration solution, empowers the local stakeholders with participative approaches, ugins role playing games and trainings, for a wider and long-term impact.



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