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Let’s build resilience together

We believe that people are more resilient to radical changes when they have had the opportunity to explore possible futures. We are convinced that decisions are more sustainable when they conciliate different points of view. Our entire participative restoration methodology is based upon these two hypothesis. We nurture the decision making process with scientific scenarios and stakeholder engagement tools.

Degraded land restoration

Understand the impacts of your land use strategy

2021-2030 is the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. Previously the Bonn Challenge aimed to restore 150 million hectares of degraded landscapes by 2020, and 350 million hectares by 2030. Forland helps you achieve your goals. Let’s build resilience together.

2 billions ha of degraded land can be restored

(source: WRI)

Contributes to 6 SDGs

Forland Restoration added values

Each landscape and business is different : Forland Restoration will be tailor-made to suit yours!

Three processes will be used in parallel:

  • Participative work for stakeholder engagement
  • Scientific work for formulating future scenarios
  • Technological work for building the Forland Restoration platform

Who are we?

  • Cirad

    This French organisation is one of the world leaders in Forest Landscape Restoration.

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  • ONF International

    Subsidiary of the French ONF, ONFI has 20 years of experience in supporting smart forest management all over the world.

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  • ETH Zurich

    Through the Chair of Ecosystem Management, ETH Zürich works towards the sustainable management of natural resources.

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